One of the most exciting part about the 80’s is that you get to come home to your NES console and play for hours on end with your friends. The hype that it got was so great that it saved the entire industry at that time. It’s amazing to say that all the iconic videogame characters and franchises started way back then and continues to keep gamers entertained to this day. The games in this list are might what you call retro but back then they were the most sought after in the arcade and even now.

Donkey Kong (1981)

The one that started it all, Donkey Kong was the first true platformer that gave us the design and feel of the classic platform game. It introduced us to the concept of jumping barrels, avoiding obstacles just in time to save the princess from the ape-man, Donkey Kong. This game such a game changer that it gave way to the most popular game character in Nintendo, Mario.  

Super Mario Bros. (1985)

We can agree that this is probably the most iconic videogame of all time. The one that spawned the age of NES and made Nintendo the game console to have. It’s the game that revolutionized the gaming industry at that time. As the time went on it gave back a multitude of installments and spinoffs that expanded the world of Mario that still completed many childhoods with each of their release.

Metroid (1986)

Metroid was another completely different take on the platform game that targeted more of the older demographic. It introduced as to one of the first female protagonists in videogame history and paved the way for action platformers that required more skills than your average Mario game. It has paved the way for more advanced pixelated graphics and colorful creature designs that made the game so worthwhile.

The Legend of Zelda (1986)

Coming in later, this epic roleplaying adventure featuring the elf link in his journey through the world of Hyrule was one of the firsts to create an open world environment with creative dungeon designs, enemies and many other elements that many RPG games have today. The story revolves around the heroic journey to retrieve the 8 fragments of the Triforce and save princess Zelda. Since then the legend of Zelda still lives on and was crowned one of the best Nintendo game franchises in videogame history.

Final Fantasy (1987)

The first final fantasy game was produced by Square who was a struggling company that gave their last effort to create final fantasy back in the 80’s. After its release it became one of the best hits that changed the history of RPG games forever. Its innovative playstyle and amazing open world design are what set it apart from other games at that time. Until now it’s still one of the best action-adventure games that have spawned plenty of titles in its series.

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