Social media is meant to be a communication tool for everyone to engage and interact with each other. It’s a platform to share your experiences, thoughts, and opinions with other people those were the central purpose of it. Nowadays, it has taken a life on its own and has given people a place to overly share their own lives to the public whether if its good or bad experiences. It has made a major influence in our tech-savvy generation and while it has advanced our society not all its influence is in good effect. It’s best to say that being in social media is both damaging and rewarding. While spending time on social media might be a harmless habit. Studies suggest that spending most of our lives glued to it can lead to bad long-term effects. Whether its socially or mentally there are plenty of reasons why you should take a break from social media. Here are some of the most imposing ones.

It might be damaging your mental health

While social media is a tool for sharing great and memorable memories of your life. It also leads to someone comparing it with theirs. People are increasingly more aware of their flaws and insecurities when they compare it with something that’s not meant for them. This can lead to mental stress and social pressure to have that unattainable life online which only a few are capable of having. Feeling like you’re missing out is a common notion too when you are seeing people having the time of their lives online. Making people a bit lonelier when they are missing out on something they could have experienced.

It can distort your sense of reality

A lot of popular social media influencers base their online personalities with having an extravagant and outrageous lifestyle. Far from the reality of the people they influence. Self-portraits are usually edited to have the perfect body silhouette; filters are added to images to make them more appealing and a dozen more things are happening behind the scenes to create the perfect social media personality. This is not good in the long run because it exposes people to fake ideals and the illusion of perfection.

Too much Information is not good

Aside from people being deceived with edited photos and perfect filtered lifestyles, there is also the problem of fake news that is constantly happening online. People create headlines that are seemingly true in context but entirely false in real life. This leads to a lot of false accusations and people being deceived. That’s why you should not believe everything you see on the internet.

It negatively affects your health

Aside from your mental health, your physical health will also come into question. Because spending a lot of your time online is seen as a major factor in sleep deprivation. Habits of using your phone before bedtime usually consume your time to get rest. Which is never good because sleep deprivation can really have an impact on your overall health and wellbeing.

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