There’s a reason why some people are more productive while listening to music while others are not. This is due to their tolerance on external stimulation around them while they focus. People that listen to music while working can have different reactions to it due to this. Some studies claim that listening to music while working might not be a good thing because it distracts you from doing the job. This may not be entirely true because there are a variety of genres of music to choose from and each has its own effect to the listener. If you want to expand your working hours with a dose of music in the background, then here are some tips that might help.

Lyrics or no Lyrics?

There’s definitely a difference with listening to music with lyrics and music without them. Lyrics are there to get you engaged to the overall meaning of the track while non-lyric music might just be there to evoke an emotional feeling that open to interpretation. Listening to uplifting lyrics might boost your mood to the start of your day but it may distract you while you work. Pick the right time to listen to each type of music with lyrics or not.

Know Your Working Pattern

We fall into the same work patterns whether we work creatively or not. A routine is important for us to make us work more productively once we get the ball rolling. There are times that you might feel sluggish and slow at the start of the day or fully active and easily distracted. Listening to a certain type of music can fix that if you are lost in your ideas you can fall into slow-paced music to mellow your energy. Meanwhile, upbeat and fast-paced music can give you a boost of energy.

Choose a Genre Wisely

There a lot of musical genres out there, you can test them out differently as you try to go along with the practice. There are playlists dedicated to music that can help you to focus or relax. It’s not simply about preference anymore. Choosing what kind of music to play while you work is essential if you want to get the best out of the experience. 

Curate Your Playlists

One of the most influential parts about listening to music is that it lets you enter a certain frame of mind. There are genres that cater to a specific style or certain mood that can transform your emotions. Testing out the music that works for you and putting them on a playlist makes it easier to pick up. Letting you work productively while it runs in the background.

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