Internet Download Manager

The Internet Download Manager is one of the most infamous download managers on the internet, and could also be undoubtedly the best among them because it can easily download big files. You can even use it to download torrents and even see the interactive progress bar of your download and can even pause and resume these downloads conveniently. The downside, however, is that IDM is not free to use.

FlashGet Download Manager

The best thing about FlashGet Download Manager is it is free-to-use. FlashGet is lightweight and comes with many features like scheduling of download, pause and resume options, and many more. The UI of this software is pretty straightforward.


The open-source software program JDownloader is another free download manager software where you can download any files quickly. Like Internet Download Manager and FlashGet Download Manager, it also allows you to pause and resume the added downloads. The best thing about this program is that when the original IP address from downloading the files at full speed gets blocked, it automatically changes your IP address.

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader allows people to download content from third-party music and video streaming websites like Netflix, Spotify, Pandora, etc. It comes with support to almost all the file transfer protocol, be it HTTP, FTP, MMS, or even RTSP. If speed throttling occurs, Orbit Downloader would really come in handy as it increases the speed of the files you are downloading from these file-sharing sites. The best part about it? It’s free to use.

Download Ninja

The default download manager of Chrome is insufficient to download large files. With Download Ninja, a Chrome download manager extension, you can start using it to download large files in Chrome easily. The good thing about Download Ninja is it comes with a pause/resume button for the downloads, software themes, and even multiple language support. This is the best pick if you don’t want to install standalone download managers.

Microsoft Download Manager

The Microsoft Download may be small (as it is merely 2MB in size) but it is really “terrible” as it is capable of downloading large files with ease. Microsoft’s download manager is not features-loaded but it comes with pretty helpful basic functions, which are essential for any file download manager software.


The EagleGet is another great free download manager for Windows operating system. The EagleGet is not much popular download manager, but it has some unique features that others are missing. With the EagleGet, you can accelerate download, download the Big files quickly and have simple yet interactive User interface with customizable themes. I loved the availability of the Themes for EagleGet. Also, the Batch Download and Browser integration is the fantastic feature. If you are looking for a light-weight download manager with customizable UI, then the EagleGet is the best one from the crowd.

There are many download managers available for the Windows. It is quite confusing to choose from this list. If you ask me about the best download manager, then I’d name the Internet Download Manager. If you have some money to spend on the IDM, then you should spend on IDM.

But, if you are looking for a free download manager to download files, then the EagleGet or FlashGet are the best. They are stable and comes with many useful features.

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