Paying for mobile data plans have become more common nowadays because it provides a convenient way to connect online without relying on a Wi-Fi connection. It can be included with your monthly phone bill and can cost a lot depending on the rate you use it. As much as we would want to stay connected online mobile data plans can snowball in cost because of its limited data cap. Postpaid plans are also affected by this and it can be a frustrating experience to realize that you are disconnected after a day’s worth of being online. There are many ways you can make the best out of your mobile data plan. Here are some hacks to help you reduce your mobile data use and save up on your phone bill.

Monitor your mobile data usage

There are apps you can download that can track you’re the data use and the amount of time you spend on different applications. This allows you to know your habits and keep track of the amount of data the app can consume. Downloading an app like this is a must because this can help pinpoint the apps that are taking up more data than the others.

Curb your endless media scrolling

More data can add up if you don’t control your habits of endless media scrolling. Limiting the amount of time, you scroll down on all the daily updates and content from various platforms should reduce the amount of data you spend daily. You can prevent this from happening by disabling notifications on minor apps that constantly remind you to turn on the screen.

Choose the data-only version of apps

If you are using a lot of data on social media, you should learn to choose their data saving version that cuts down the data used by not uploading any images and videos that are usually taking up space. Mobile browsers like chrome, Facebook and Twitter have options for these, and it only takes a bit of tweaking to use the version.

Disable the Auto Update

There are a lot of things that are happening in the background that you may not be aware of. And that is the usual updates from apps and the auto-update feature that will download and install the updates without your permission. You should disable the feature especially for the apps that are eating up a lot of data.

Prevent Downloading big files

It’s better to download big files in an unlimited Wi-Fi connection than with your data. This also goes for data-hungry activities like online streaming and watching video content. You should stick to a simpler approach when you use data and only use it when you really must.

Optimize your phone settings

Nowadays your phone already has its own system that allows you to monitor your data use. You can turn on an alert once you have reached the daily limit of your mobile data and save up on the additional costs.

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