Before you even try using your brand-new phone you have to buy something to protect it. Aside from a screen protector, a phone case is a must to keep your hard-earned investment from breaking. When it comes to choosing phone cases it gets a little bit overwhelming due to the variety of designs and material to choose from. You can choose from this selection of phone cases we have chosen so that you can narrow it down to one single purchase. Here is the different type of phone cases you need to look out for:

Decorative Slim Cases

Slim cases are one of the widely mass-produced cases to hit the market. They are the most common and can be made from your plastic, rubber or a combination of both. The prices range from 5$ to 30$ depending on if you want to add up the cost of design and quality of the phone case. They are probably the cheapest alternatives and the most popularly designed ones. But the material might not be made for the wear and tear of daily use. So as a decorative phone case it is okay but for long-lasting use not so much.

Colorful Silicone Cases

The other side to slim cases is silicone cases, shaped and molded to imitate a visual symbol or icon. Silicone cases can be bulky, but they provide further protection because they are more durable than hard plastic slim cases. You can buy one in the range of 10$ to 40$ still depending on the size and design of the case. Some might claim that it is too gimmicky but what can you say? It fits your tastes very well.

Rugged Carbon Fiber Cases

The Rugged Carbon Fiber cases are the cream of the crop. The most advanced ones can withstand the fall of your phone 10 ft high. But it’s mainly due to the layers of materials that make up the phone case. While it may be the best option for practical purposes it might make for a bulky finish and makes it hard to reach certain buttons.

Leather Folio Cases

For the business minded, Folio phone cases are multifunctional tools that offer something more to the table. Usually made from leather or imitation leather, the folio case is a stylish phone case that you can try at least once and never use again. That depends on the quality of the case itself because although it provides the basic protection of your phone low-quality folio cases are not that practical and can be more inconvenient than not.

Battery Phone Cases

Since our phone cases are already part of the phone itself why not take it a step further and use it as an additional battery to make it more convenient to use. This is how the battery phone cases came to be. By combining the use of a power bank and phone case in one you will have a case that can sustain your phone’s battery life for days depending on its mAh capacity. It’s not one of the mainstream options out there but it’s a cool alternative if you are using your phone so much and can’t find a decent outlet to charge your phone.

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