Have you ever seen a puppy wear mascara? Or a hamster slay a liquid lipstick better than you can? None of us have! This is because makeup is for humans and not animals. Animal testing has been an undying controversy and problem within the makeup industry and community. You do not need to be a makeup enthusiast to understand this serious issue. It is crucial that we know what brands still continue to test on animals so that we can stop purchasing their products and stop supporting their brand. By doing so we can hasten the elimination of animal testing completely.

A lot of people are not aware that so many makeup brands have now stepped away from this heinous method and have become cruelty-free. Today we have listed 5 popular makeup brands on the market that are cruelty-free. Please continue to support these brands and let us help fight the war against animal testing.

Here are 5 popular makeup brands that are cruelty-free.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills doesn’t sound like a cosmetics line doesn’t it? This cosmetics line was created by Anastasia Soare in 1997. They are especially known for their bro products. ABH has also introduced a new brow-shaping service to customers which they introduce their patented method named “golden ratio”. This method promotes symmetry in the eyebrows.

2. BITE Beauty

BITE Beauty became famous and viral on social media because they also operate lip labs which you can create your own lipsticks. You can customize what shade you want and you get to see how it is made, what pigments are used, and decide what to name it. BITE Beauty is a cosmetics line which originated in Canada by Susanne Langmuir in 2011. It was acquired by Kendo in 2014 is now exclusively carried at Sephora.

3. Colourpop

A cosmetics line founded by siblings, Colourpop is a cosmetics line that has not yet failed in pleasing their young customers. Colourpop Cosmetics was founded by siblings Laura and John Nelson in 2014. They base their products through social media trends. They also frequently ask to make influencers to make collaborations with them regarding products. Colourpop belongs to a relatively low price range.

4. Elf Cosmetics

One of the cheapest yet proven and tested makeup brands is Elf Cosmetics. The company was founded in 2004 by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba. It is an international cosmetics brand that is based in New York City. Your money could go a long way if you choose to buy Elf products.

5. Nyx Cosmetics

NYX Cosmetics is a subsidiary company of L’Oreal. It was founded by Toni Ko in 1999 in Los Angeles. The company was named after the Greek goddess of night, Nyx. NYX Cosmetics is known for their professional grade makeup which ranges between high end and low-end prices.

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