Habits make up most of our behavior in our daily lives. They are the action that comes automatically to us and it makes up most of our time. There are plenty of good habits out there and a lot of unhealthy ones too. Our productivity is also influenced by habits. You might have a routine to motivate yourself before you start working or you might have a habit that takes up a lot of your time and reduces productivity. They can be two sides of the same coin. Here are some of the most common habits you might be doing that can really affect your productivity. If you don’t address these bad habits early on, you might get into further problems.


Nowadays we have instant access to a lot of information and binge watching is one of the effects that came from that. Social media platforms and online streaming websites have made it possible to watch a lot of content all at once. It’s one of the ways we view our entertainment and it can take up a lot of our time. If you are the type of person who is guilty of being on a back to back marathon every time you click on a video. Then you should really address this problem.

Allowing notifications in your phone

There are plenty of distractions that can prevent you from focusing on your work and most of the time it is your smartphone. It’s a device that notifies us of calls, texts and updates from different apps. It’s one of the most used devices that we constantly check upon and presents a major distraction that eats up most of our time. If you are the type of person who immediately runs to your phone every time a notification bell rings, then you might have a problem. Keep your notifications off if you need to focus on your work and keep it that way until you finish it.


A lot of research has proven that multi-tasking can cause more harm than good. Doing everything all at once may seem like a life hack that speeds up your ability to finish tasks but research states that it does the opposite. Multitasking decreases your ability to work faster because our brain is not made to process a lot of things at once. It makes it harder for us to get things done because we keep on changing our minds.

Not writing down the things you need to remember

The simple act of writing things down to remind yourself can help you a lot more than you think. By not trying to write down important details you need to remember, you have a higher chance of forgetting about them completely. It is because we are constantly processing a lot of information as the day goes by and our ideas get overwritten every time. Writing things down helps in reinforcing it and makes it easier to reference in the future.

Overthinking every situation

Thinking before you act is a good practice in creating better habits but overthinking too much can lead to more unnecessary conflict and situations. If you are worried over something, you should take the time to work things out rather than just overthinking about it. If you keep stalling yourself, you won’t get things done. Instead of worrying and overthinking the results, you can just start where you are now and build on it.

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