Bad Wi-Fi connection is totally equivalent to a bad day. Frustrations erupt and the loading screen becomes the most annoying thing on the planet. There are a lot of things that cause it. It can be because of your modem or router signal is weak, there are problems with your connected devices or possibly because of a slow DNS server. There are many reasons that your Wi-Fi is not up to speed. Here are some of the basic reasons you need to know so you can hopefully fix it.

Physical blockers

Wi-Fi signals have to bounce through many physical blockers in order to get to your device. Using your device far away from the router can weaken the signal and make it slow. Especially if it has to pass through walls and tall furniture. Placing your router in a central location where it can broadcast its signals on a wider area is a big help.

But if there are cases that you really have to use your device on another room you can try using a signal booster to increase the coverage of the Wi-Fi signal.

Signal interruptions

Even though Wi-Fi signals have a different radio wave frequency with most devices there are still possibilities that these devices can interfere with them. Electronic devices like the microwave oven, portable speakers, most Bluetooth devices and wireless devices are capable of interfering with the signal. These devices run on the same wavelength of 2.4GHz which can jam the Wi-Fi signal.

Router problems

Before you contact your internet service provider for help, you should check out if you have any problems with the router first. An easy solution for that is to reboot your Wi-Fi router/modem to clear its issues. While you’re at it you should also check if your coaxial cable is fitted nicely to the router. Securing your connection this way is much easier than dealing with someone on the phone.

Device Issues

We like to blame the whole world for the slow Wi-Fi connection but sometimes it’s just devices that has the problem, not everything else. Old devices could not operate with faster speeds because the operating system could not handle it. Especially if your device is not fully optimized and there are a lot of background processes going on. Make sure that you update the operating system and test out the device.

Too many users

Ever wonder why your Wi-Fi connection suddenly reaches top speed during the night? That is because your neighbor is probably not connected. People who are using their Wi-Fi router with the same bandwidth as you can really interfere with your signal. Take the upper hand by investing on fiber optic internet or call your internet service provider for a better alternative.

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