Power banks are clearly one of the must-have items due to the increasing sales in smartphones and tablet devices. They are used as backup energy power sources at times when it’s not possible to find a plug to charge your phone into. With that development there are also bound to be some more changes to the use of power banks. As the demand grows more power banks are being invented with different functions and features. Here are some of the different types that are currently being sold in the market.

Universal Power Bank

The most commonly used power bank and the most mass produced. The universal power bank is an alternative power source that can charge any device with their corresponding cable type. Most power banks have an LED indicator to show its current capacity and must have two types of USB outlets. This type of power bank can come in any shape and size and is made for the mass market. The measurement of its capacity indicates how many times it can be used before recharging and this can range from 2000mAh to 10,000mAh.

Solar-Charged Power Bank

The Solar-Charged power bank is more than just a power bank. Because it incorporates solar energy conversion through its panels that gets their energy from the sunlight. After which it stores the energy in the internal battery of the power bank. It essentially acts like a solar powered charger with a storage unit that doesn’t necessarily need an electric outlet to charge. Since relying only on solar power is nor as efficient it can still be charged normally with a cable. This type of power bank is a great alternative power source to use for camping trips and outdoor activities.

Multi-Function Power Bank

With the demand of power banks other tech developers have to find ways to advance the functions of a power bank aside from upgrading the battery capacity. The other kind of power banks out there usually have several other functions to it like additional USB ports or more kinds of outlets for other devices so that more can be charged at once. And in some cases, you there is a LED lighting function, or it is also used as a travel adapter.

Laptop Power Bank

While you can typically charge up your phone with a lightweight portable power bank, you need a more specialized type of power bank to charge your laptops. A laptop power bank usually acts as both a charger and a battery at the same time. It has that specific outlet for laptop cables and are usually more bulkier and bigger in size.  

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