4 Simple Rules to Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection

Nov 20, 2018

Nowadays, everyone that has used the internet ultimately craves the same thing and that is the need to get a better Wi-Fi signal. Whether it’s in the house or on the go, we all need a dose of it. However, when too many people are in the same area using the same connection, the signal drops and surfing slows down. This applies especially to urban areas where too many signals are interfering with one another which can be frustrating to experience. If you are a regular user or just starting out, then you should follow these simple rules to get a better Wi-Fi- connection.

1. Get an upgrade.

You should probably upgrade your router firmware on a regular basis to make it more reliable. The router firmware acts as the operating system of your router and upgrading it will fix any bugs or vulnerabilities that comes up in the current version. Also, it enhances the security features of the router. In some cases, the update will include a speed-boost on its performance. Make sure that you are downloading directly from the router manufacturer.

2. Place your router in a good location.

This is essential in getting a good signal because location is sometimes all it takes. A Wi-Fi connection uses radio waves to transmit data and any obstructions that interferes with it slows it down. These includes walls, doors or any obstructions that stands in the way of the waves and your device. It’s ideal if you place it in the center part of your home and make sure to lessen the objects surrounding it. You can invest on longer power adapters to make the installation easier.

3. Be wary of other users.

In some sense, other users are the obstructions from getting a better Wi-Fi connection. Aside from their routers impacting your signal some users can hack to your router and receive your own signal as well. You can prevent this by upgrading your Wi-Fi security and creating a hard to hack password. Also make sure to check out the router’s administrative console regularly, which lists down the devices that has been using your router. Be informed and get them out of signal.

4. Use a Wi-Fi booster.

Some people may not be familiar with this technology but adapting to a Wi-Fi mesh network to create a multiple way system is one of the best ways to increase the Wi-Fi coverage of your home, but the thing is this might fit in with your budget. Another alternative is by using a Wi-Fi booster which can do practically the same but for less.

And that’s what SuperBoost WiFi does for you. SuperBoost WiFi acts as WiFi repeater that boosts your connection without having to pay extra to your internet provider. This small device that you plug in an electric outlet does not need complicated wires and installation. And after plugging it in it will rebroadcast your signal to a wider area so you can enjoy a better Wi-fi signal anywhere at home.

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