Meditation is a habitual practice that has plenty of benefits for the mind and body. It’s a relaxation technique that increases awareness of yourself and your surroundings. More and more people are finding it very helpful in their lives, but some might argue that they don’t have the time for it. But meditation doesn’t need require a lot of time to do, spending at least 5 minutes to practice it is enough to get the effect. You can do it anywhere that gives you peace and quiet. It’s a great practice that many people are practicing these days due to the major benefits that helped them to live in the moment.

Decrease stress levels

There are studies that prove meditation can help reduce stress and increase resilience towards it. Those who have practiced mindful meditation throughout the day had a lower level of stress hormones that causes harmful effects to the body. This proves to be very helpful to people in stressful situations. To begin on your own practice, you can check out apps who are giving guided meditations for any kind of purpose whether it is only for 5-minutes or half an hour.

It improves focus

Meditation is a practice that directs to focus on your mind and body. By honing your self-control, it can improve your cognition, lengthen your attention span and even improve your ability to memorize tasks. It’s a practice that only requires time and focus. And research proves that habitually practicing it can be more effective than your cup of coffee.  

Reduces health risks

Aside from helping you relax and regain your focus, Meditation is believed to improve overall health. It reduces the risk of heart disease and stress related disorders which include anxiety, PTSD, sleep disorders and many more. This is all due to having an improved mind condition which enhances your immunity to stress. Research also states that it is can help you in having a better emotional state which is beneficial to our health.

Keeps you at the present

Most people always worry about the future even though it has not happened yet and that is how mindfulness comes to play because meditation encourages being mindful. Mindfulness is a state achieved by focusing on the present moment. It increases your connection with yourself and your

surroundings through focused breathing and silence. You don’t have to meditate to be mindful, but meditation helps you in achieving it more frequently.  

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