After every weekend there is a Monday waiting for you. There are plenty of reasons why Mondays can be so hard to survive. First, of all, there are scientific reasons behind it and one of them is the dreaded feeling of Monday Blues which affects the entirety of the day. The other one is the irregularity of your habits, for example oversleeping on a weekend can mean two different things, it’s your treat after tiring weekly mornings and it also disrupts your regular sleeping patterns. This makes it harder for you to actually wake up on a Monday because of it. So as much as possible stick to your weekday sleeping routine.

Cure your Monday Blues

If you are the type of person who is always expecting the worst on a Monday, then you definitely have the Monday Blues. The feeling of anxiety which can start on Sunday Nights have adverse effects that can completely ruin your Mondays. You can overcome this by preparing yourself for tomorrow this can be as simple as creating a to-do list to keep your priorities on track and calming yourself down through a favorite hobby. The important thing is to stop stressing too much about tomorrow.  

Take it slow and steady

As the fable of the hare and tortoise claim “slow and steady wins the race”, this quote is actually a good method to use on a Monday. There are plenty of things to be done for sure but fussing about everything all at once won’t do you any good. Don’t force yourself in plunging on the deep end of work. Start small and keep working towards an end goal.

Keep your mind on track

One thing for sure when Monday comes along is the stress from the upcoming workload and deadlines looming in the corner of your mind. There is a need to keep yourself organized and to do that you should keep your mind on track with a plan or a to-do list in check. This can be just jotting down mindless things you have in your mind or talking to someone about the current events. This helps in helping you stay in the moment and stop you from overthinking too much.

Have a solid routine

Mondays are the first day we come back from the fleeting moments of rest and harmony on weekends. So, it’s a crash course when you are suddenly bombarded with a ton of tasks to fulfill. Getting the menial things out of the way by creating a routine around them is a good way to go. It frees up your time from having to start everything all at once. So, keep up with a solid morning routine and your good to go for the Monday or any day at least.

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