Designating your time for meditation is one of the best ways you can fully integrate peace in your life. The continuity of the practice can provide you with the uncluttering of your mind that you need in a busy life. While meditation doesn’t need any special equipment to perform, it does require basic principles to get the best out of the experience. These are some of the essential basic needs that can make the habit more relaxing and worthwhile.


Integrating silence in meditation is an essential part of the habit. It lets us feel more aware of our own thoughts and surroundings. At first, it might feel unnerving and uncomfortable to keep up with. But if you integrate it with a calm and relaxed mind then you can find peace within it. There are times of the day when you have that silence and it is advisable to use those fleeting moments to start your meditation habit. Don’t rush into it and allow yourself to feel comfortable with the silence before starting.


Being comfortable during meditation is what makes a stress-free and successful meditation session. Plenty of us have our own preferences on what makes us more comfortable and discovering what works for you is very important. Choose a position that feels natural to you and doesn’t overthink it. Keep the position that is most effective for you.  Another helpful hint is to keep yourself hydrated before the meditation and use a blanket to keep yourself warm in case it gets chilly.


Having a minimal approach to your meditation space and practice is a great way to keep up with it even when everything seems overwhelming. The space you need to have shouldn’t necessarily be wide and spacious. It just needs to be uncluttered and comfortable for you to keep up with the practice. For some people creating their own meditation space can become part of the ritual to get into the right frame of mind.


Having a focal point in your meditation space can really help in kick-starting the habit. It can be a small aromatic candle or a small table filled with personal items that will make you feel more relaxed. Music can help too and there are apps dedicated as soundscapes for you to get more in tune with calmness. These might help in letting you feel more accountable for the practice.  

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